The Runch Bunch | The word "Inclusion" and its meaning to different people

The word "Inclusion" and its meaning to different people

June 06, 2017

Well, I’d first like to start off by saying that I am truly grateful that God gave me the inspiration to pursue this project/concept although it is a very sensitive topic. I myself feel that I have and will inspire people of all ages, not just children. I am bringing this topic to light in a very fulfilled way. I am very new to the book world and fairly new to the topic of #differentneeds as well. I am no expert in anyway in any topic but I did do some research on certain disabilities before I wrote my books. I wanted to shed light on some things while educating children at the same time. Now, honestly speaking, I have been working on this project for over 2 years. I hadn’t come in contact with the word “inclusion” until a few months ago while meeting more people that had a connection to #diffrentneeds. Well… I began using the word in conversation while referring to the books, the topics, and everything else having to do with The Runch Bunch. I began hearing it from a family from Utah and Florida while referring to my books in their Instagram posts… Soon this past weekend I had my little collage placed on my exhibiting table and I was questioned tremendously behind it. Reason: My books are fictional and from my imagination meaning I can write pretty much anything even if it doesn’t make perfect sense correct? Well so I thought. My stories take place in Runch Medical Center. Yes truthfully the kids could be living at home but its my story so I made them live there instead so they could be together all of the time and be like a family. This weekend someone told me that my stories don’t promote inclusion because in reality children with disabilities don’t live in a medical center. I don’t mind criticism but my question is then why are families who actually read my book saying that I promote inclusion? What exactly is everyone’s opinion of the word inclusion? I need to know so that Im fully educated.

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