The Runch Bunch | Children with special needs playing sports...

Children with special needs playing sports...

March 19, 2017

I was scrolling down my Facebook feed and I came across a video that caught my attention. A friend of mine was at her son’s basketball game and they were playing against a team that had a player who was an amputee. I was amazed and totally impressed with what I saw. I honestly didn’t even notice his prosthetic while watching the video because he was running and dribbling as if he was just like the other boys. I think that it’s awesome that he is able to play a aport he loves and he was pretty good at it too. Sometimes we tend to think that children with special needs should be separated or put on a team with other children with special needs. That’s totally off from the message The Runch Bunch is trying to send. Children with any physical challenge will work twice as hard and will be more determined to reach their goals. Given the opportunity they will prove that they are equal to all children. Although some challenges may be more difficult, they should be given a chance to learn, prove, try, and practice their favorite sport. Anything can be accomplished when given 100% effort and dedication!! I would love to have a sporting event for children with special needs. Do you have children with special needs? Do they play any sports or do extra curricular physical activities? Do you find it difficult for them to find a team to play on? What do you recommend for a parent who is having trouble finding something for their children?

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