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Cancer Has Been Defeated By A Runch Bunch Supporter!!!

April 14, 2017

Before the cancer- This cancer survivor is my cousin, Lisa Rae Chasten. Last year for her 50th birthday we (her, her best friend and myself) took a vacation to Dominican Republic. That was our first vacation together and we truly had a blast. We experienced a few firsts and had tons of laughs. During that trip my cousin experienced some really bad chest pains which she assumed was heartburn. She had one or two days that it even made her cry, the pain was so bad. It wasn’t constant so she paid it no mind. Few months later, she went for some testing and was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. We were all in shock because it doesn’t run in the family
During the treatment- She didn’t want to accept what it was at first but ultimately decided to put her big girl pants on and go to war. I never knew the things that happen to someone during the process of chemotherapy. Everyone knows that the hair all over the body falls out. Did you know that they lose their taste buds completely? Did you know that their nail beds turn dark and they feel numbness and tingling on fingertips and it hurts when something presses fingertips? Imagine not being able to hold a half gallon of milk or pour something to drink. It hurts to wash dishes. You begin to lose weight because now your diet must change . There are things that feed cancer so you have to not put those things into your body. The little things are not so simple anymore. That’s just the things I witnessed from the outside. I can only imagine how someone like her may actually feel..After every treatment on Fridays she felt drained, tired, and just wanted to rest. Months go by and she had some tests done…She also had a procedure done recently to remove the core of the cancer.
Guess what??? She is totally cancer-free!! She will get some radiation and be done with this phase in her life. Thank God that she is here to share her story and encourage other people that are going through what she went through. The fear, doubt, etc.. There’s always hope and light at the end of every tunnel!!!!!!
After the cancer- We are in the process of planning our celebration vacation. She can live life to the fullest and wants to experience things that she feared before…. she is happy, full of life, her hair is growing, nails are clearing up, her taste buds are back in full force and she is here to stay!! I love you cousin.

My 3rd book “Laura Wins Her Battle” is about a young lady that defeats cancer too.. Excellent story to encourage young children to right hard because there’s always a winner in the end!

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