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About The Author

  • andy

  • Hello reader(s), I thank you for choosing to read my book series. It means a lot that you decided to join our movement for The Runch Bunch®. Let me tell you about why I started this whole movement. I am a retired NYPD Police Officer. I was a Youth Officer before I retired and dealt with children of all ages on a daily basis. I have a passion for helping children and motivating them to see life differently from their different perspectives. One day, my daughter, China and myself were inspired by the various commercials we saw on television and began brainstorming about something that could help children that suffered from different challenges. After careful thought, we came up with The Runch Bunch™ concept and it evolved from there. I know that with this movement and the help from you, we can bring awareness to the different needs community. I want all children who have these different challenges to no longer feel like they are different from any other child. I want The Runch Bunch® to represent them and be the bridge between children worldwide.