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  • This is a new dynamic approach to educating, empowering, and entertaining all children, especially those that have special needs.  The relatable characters and exciting stories display each child’s resiliency in the face of adversity and the fun they have while doing it.  The Runch Bunch serves as a voice for those who sometimes feel they have no voice, and each story helps to raise awareness and ensure that their voice is heard.

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    Recognizing and Understanding the Needs of Children

    • “The Runch Bunch series are joyful, playful stories of the everyday antics of The Runch Bunch. Although these children have special needs, they do not let life pass them by. Each child offers a peak into their world. These books are also great for children without special needs to read. They teach all children that having a disability or special needs doesnt mean you can’t live a fulfilling and active life. Both girls and boys can enjoy these books and there are great illustrations on each page. After reading these books, children will understand that children with disabilities and special needs are just like them and can enjoy doing the same things, it just may take them longer!”

      Dorothy A. Prioleau, M.A., M.Ed.
    • “I loved these stories. They are simple stories of children who care, and who show an innocent empathy that brings us all together. In spite of their various disabilities they live with, The Runch Bunch™ kids and their friends at the Runch Medical Center provide heartwarming inspiration for all. Their down-to-earth energy and friendships share a message of joy and optimism that will lift your day!”

      Dr. Prof. Beverly Moore
      S.U.N.Y. Sullivan
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